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Tracsa is a leading company in the agribusiness market since 1989, manufacturing conveyor belts, polyurethane liners and plastic buckets.

With its main plant of 30,000 m2 located in Argentina and subsidiary in Brazil (TracBras) and the United States (TracUs) Tracsa export its products to major countries all around the world.

An advanced technology, a team of excellence and motorized under international quality standards allow us to reach the products that Tracsa offers.

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Polyurethane Liners

  • Maximum resistance to Abrasion and
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • One single piece without joints or fasteners
  • Top Fire Self-Extinguishing line
  • Red Belt indicative for replacement

1) How long is the product life with UREPLY on a pipe for down?

We can not express the duration in time or passed tons.

If we talk about time is not the same a tube moves 60 t/h than one that moves 400 t/h.

And if we talk about passed tons, is not the same soybean corn than wheat or sorghum; It is not the same soybean from a region than from another region; It is not the same soybean from one dry year than a wet year.

As you can see there are many variables and it is impossible to take them into account to calculate how long the product life will be.

That is why we speak of ”number of times the product lasts compared to the unprotected pipe”.

And for this purpose we indicate that for a wall pipe of 1/8” our product UREPLY with 5mm thickness has a durability 7 times longer than an unprotected pipe and our 3mm thickness 4 times longer.

That’s why we refer always to minimum values that can be overcome (and indeed are).

Depending on a large number of variables:

  • Type of grain
  • Cleaning of the grain
  • Rainfall of the harvest year
  • Origin area of the harvest
  • Type of harvest machine used
  • Lengh of the pipes
  • Inclination of the pipes
  • Others


2) UREPLY reveat 100% of the tube?

No. The coating percentage is between 40 and 50% of the inside perimeter of the pipe (depending on standard commercial widths that are arranged). With this is enough.

3) UREPLY it can be used in a pipe already perfored?

Yes. As long as the pipe has a single perforation line (before performing the usual practice of ”turn’ or spin or twist’ the pipe). It is reveat covering precisely the affected area (perforation line).

4) For UREPLY instalation it is necessary to put down the pipe?

Not necessarily. When the structure allows the installation can be performed without putting down the pipe. Pendurando simply leaves, with two free mouths and proceeds to install from the bottom up. This represents a significant saving installation costs by avoiding the use of expensive cranes.

5) They are special tools required for installation?

No. Simply a winch (where possible electric), a steel cable two planchuelas curved and two operators. You can see video installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuSX8r-IWN8

6) It is necessary specialized personnel to install?

Not necessarily. Any qualified assembly personnel is able to perform it. We can provide the right advice.

7) Can be used with any length of pipe?

Yes. While it is not advisable to have tubes over 20 meters. high speed by making the grain at the end of its route.

8) Can be used with any degree of inclination of the pipe?

No. The recommendation of good practice is that the tubes must have a minimum inclination of 45 degrees. While we have had good performances for example soy and up to 35 degrees.

9) In other parts to be coated (elevator heads, hoppers, etc.) the product is fixed to the sheet with some glue?

No. For installation of UREPLY never used glue. It abulona to the frame with flathead bolt, nut and head being flush out the product.

10) There are different product types for use in slip (tubes) or impact (heads, hoppers)?

No. Unlike some competitive products that use products of different colors depending on whether impact (red) or sliding (blue), with UREPLY the same product is used for both situations.

11) The product meets safety requirements regarding their fire behavior?

TOP FIRE UREPLY line meets the international standard self-extinguishing required for these cases.

12) Can it be used in rice?

We know that rice is the most abrasive grains. Overall UREPLY use is recommended when the coated pipe has a duration measured in months. While the use is not recommended when the coated pipe has a duration measured in days or weeks. In order to understand, the duration will always be at least 7 times more for thickness of 5 mm, what happens is that if a pipe is normally drilled in 10/15 days, is coated in 2.5 to 3.5 perforate months (less than one campaign) which does not recommended for use from the viewpoint of investment. While if the tube lasts 2 or 3 months uncoated, coated once it would last between 2 and 3 campaigns and there it is convenient.

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